• You need marketing expertise for a specific project?
  • You are looking for a temporary marketing professional to work to complete your team?

  • You want to improve your marketing processes?

We will find a set of services to support your goals!

interim management

  • Development of marketing concepts

  • Coaching/support of business planning processes

  • Alignment of marketing- and sales-strategies and -processes

B2B - communication

  • Market communication concepts, agency evaluation and -briefing, project management and controlling  (local as well as multi-national and multi-lingual)
    • PR concepts

    • Event management

    • Dialog marketing  

    • Change project communication and  intranet.


  • “Marketing – First Steps”: developing a basic understanding for marketing.         (seminar)

  • “Marketing Planning”   (company-specific workshop)

  • “Translate Marketing Strategies to Communication Concepts” 
    - including the professional briefing for external communication partners     (company-specific workshop)
  • “Linking Sales- and Marketing Strategies” 
    Conflicts between Sales and Marketing? In this workshop we find a common approach.            (company-specific workshop)

  • “Communicating Values” - This sales training is aiming at enabling sales professionals to better communicate competitive advantages by turning them into winning values.          (company-specific workshop)

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